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“I wanted to repaint my motorcycle tank, but I had a recess on the front. After stripping the paint I used the tool with the glue provided and I was surprised by the result...The recess is almost invisible! I recommend”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jennifer H.
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Car dents seem to come out of nowhere and multiple these days. Going to the grocery store, gym, or restaurant and lead to a series of new dents and dings all over the vehicle. The nicer the car, the more afraid to park in a parking garage as every dent lowers the value of the car. Others may not notice the dents as much but to any car owner, it's always top of mind!

Introducing the Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover, an easy-to-use tool to help remove dents in your car, motorcycle, or any other aluminum surfaces. Car dents are no longer a lost cause, the Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover can help with most dents. Don’t pay a fortune to a mechanic when the Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover can be used from the convenience of your home!




INCREASE YOUR CAR'S VALUE: A dent in your car can very costly, either to fix or if you’re looking to trade-in. Don’t lose money for things that are easily fixable with the Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover.


COMPACT DESIGN: Cars and tools can take up a lot of precious space in your garage. The sleek portable design takes up a minimal amount of space and can easily be stored.

Before repair & After repair


EASY TO USE: Some tools require a lot of work, lots of research, and once you start doing the work everything goes wrong and there’s no way to fix it. The Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover is quick to implement and easy to use! 


✅ MULTI-USE: Dents can appear on any surface and any size out of nowhere. The Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover comes with multiple dent popper sizes, so you can measure the dent to find the right size to help solve the issue.




  1. Identify the dent you want to remove
  2. Choose a tab that matches the shape and size of the dent
  3. Apply hot glue to the tab, make sure the glue is even and fully covers the surface of the tab
  4. Align the center point of the tab with the dent center point, then quickly put the tab on the dent and slightly press it till the space between the tap and dent is 1mm. Loosen your grip till it is fastened on the dent.
  5. Fix the dent lifter to the tab, grip the handle, lift up while squeezing the trigger
  6. Lift until the tab removes
  7. Use the chisel tool so carefully remove the glue
  8. If the dent remains, try a different sized tab to fully remove the dent 


We understand how important cars are to people, it's your connection to anywhere you need to go and is vital to your daily routine. Whether you're going grocery shopping or on your way to work, leaving your car in a busy parking lot can lead to unwanted dents. These dents can take a lot of time away from your daily schedule and are costly to get fixed by a professional. Dents when left unattended can cause long-term problems to the paint and start to rust. In a recent study, visible dents can lower the value of the car by 5-10%.

Thankfully with the Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover you are back in control of your car! Don't worry where you park your car anymore, the Dent Delete - Magic Dent Remover is small and easy to use so you can work on the dents from the comfort of your own home. When it's time to finally upgrade the car, removing the dents can make a difference in how much dealerships will be willing to offer for the trade-in when there's no rust or paint damage caused by dents. Solve dents as soon as they happen with the power back in your hands!



(1) X Dent Lifter

(1) X Glue Gun

(1) X Repair Hammer

(1) X Tap Down

(1) X Empty Spray Bottle

(1) X Blue Rag

(1) X Yellow Scraper

(5) X Glue Sticks

(18) X Glue Tabs


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