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Tom and Jerry Black with Lights
Tom and Jerry Black
Tom and Jerry Yellow
Tom and Jerry Yellow with Lights
Spongebob and Patrick color wheels
Spongebob and Patrick with Lights
Sesame Street Kaws Black
Sesame Street Kaws Yellow
Sesame Street Kaws White
“Very good! The description of the product is very accurate. Just like I imagined, the roller skates have better workmanship than other shoes I have bought. The shoes are particularly soft and comfortable. The wheels are rubber and are more wear-resistant. The size is accurate. Definitely would recommend these skates!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Karen P.
✅ Verified Buyer

Boring normal roller skates can be big, bulky, and quite uncomfortable. Typically rollerblades have a steep learning curve for beginners, which ends up spending more time on the floor than having fun. Some roller skates are only meant for indoor or outdoor, limiting your skating potential. Most roller skates look so similar it’s hard to express your own style with something that’s comfortable and eye-catching. 

Introducing Speed Sneaks - Themed Canvas Roller Skates, the perfectly crafted fusion of classic sneakers with a fresh set of wheels! The pleasure of wearing normal sneakers with the thrill of skating. Waste no time getting started, the double row design is safer and more stable than its inline counterpart making it much easier to learn. These skates are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Feel confident in skating with style and comfort on your side.



✅ Comfortable:Unlike conventional skates, which are clunky and cramped, the Speed Sneaks - Themed Canvas Roller Skates have a natural sneaker fit. As soon as you jump in, you’ll never go back to traditional skates.

Easy to learn:With wheels on the left and right side, it’s easier to keep your balance as a first-timer. The brake system on the front allows you to control your speed and brake with ease no matter your experience level.

Express your style and stand out:TheSpeed Sneaks - Themed Canvas Roller Skates are the ultimate compliment to any outfit. Return to a childhood passion with a new style that will get all the right attention.

Indoor & outdoor:Whether you’re hitting the skating rink or doing a lap around the neighborhood, the Speed Sneaks - Themed Canvas Roller Skates are ready for any occasion. The multi-terrain design will let you skate anywhere at any time while always standing out. 

At some point, society decided that we were done with innovating skates and settled for sad grey boots with wheels. The roller rink used to be the local hangout, where people can show off their style and some new moves. The clunky boots made it hard to simply get up and go have fun. Not only are the boots hard to learn, they are also tight on the feet causing the whole experience to be uncomfortable.

Speed Sneaks - Themed Canvas Roller Skates is here to save the world of skating by bringing style and comfort back to the skates. With these skates, you will be excited to show off your new style. Hit the skating rink or take a lap around the neighborhood with ease as these skates more closely resemble real shoes. Ditch the boring uncomfortable skates and start enjoying today!



(1) X Pair of Speed Sneaks - Themed Canvas Roller Skates


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