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“I recommend this product! The delivery came very quickly with no issues. The silicone brushes and felt with rivets keep the windows very clean! My wife will be happy!”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Bob A.
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Windows are vital to a happy and healthy home, but they get so dirty so fast! Your windows protect you from the outside elements, but they pick up so much dust, debris, and pollen throughout the year! Windows can be in hard-to-reach places making cleaning them a nightmare. Stop staring through dirty windows and see the world clearer than ever!

Introducing the Magnetic Window Cleaner, the easy-to-use must-have tool for any window! You no longer have to worry about hard-to-reach windows, just pop the Magnetic Window Cleaner on the window and see the world better. The time-saving design allows you to clean any window with a perfect two-sided function.


Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner Baffect Window Cleaning Tools Glasses Cleaner Cleaning Brush



DOUBLE SIDED DESIGN: Have you ever spent hours cleaning windows just to realize the dirt was on the other side? Don’t do double the work anymore! The Magnetic Window Cleaner has cleaning sponges on both sides, so your windows get clean with half the amount of work required.

SAFETY BEFORE ALL ELSE: A huge deterrent to cleaning windows above the first floor is the safety concern. You don’t want to risk dropping your cleaning supplies or even worse, falling from significant heights! Clean your windows with comfort by using the attached string to make sure the magnet on the outside doesn’t fall!


PEACE OF MIND: A lack of sunlight can lead to vitamin deficiency and lowered self-confidence. Clean your windows and let the sunlight in! Increase your health and happiness with clean windows.

SAVE MONEY: The average house cleaning service can be very costly, often between $90 - $150 an hour. Having a cleaning service visit regularly can break the bank quickly! With the Magnetic Window Cleaner, you don’t need to pay any recurring fees to live in a clean home. Clean your windows whenever you would like for a fraction of the cost!




  1. Open package - Magnetic Window Cleaner pieces will come magnetized together
  2. Hold with both hands - rotate one side 90° while holding the other side stationary to separate
  3. Soak both sides in water
  4. Put soap/detergent on both sides
  5. Hold the safety rope as you begin the next steps
  6. Open the window
  7. Place the side with the handle on the inside of the window and the side with the safety rope on the outside
  8. Line up both pieces until you feel the magnet catch
  9. Begin cleaning!





If you’re currently reading this then there’s likely a window you already have in mind. Windows can get very dirty with dust, water marks, and dirt, no matter where they are in the home. Cleaning both sides of a window can be exhausting and almost impossible for higher floors. Most apartment building can be dangerous to clean since they are on higher floors. Building managers have to put in a work order to get a winder cleaner to come and this can take months! 

The Magentic Window Cleaner will save you time and money! Why wait months for a window cleaner and spend crazy amounts of money for a one time job? Take control of your windows and clean them whenever and wherever! The magnetic sides and saftey cord allows you to clean windows anywhere in your home!



Product Description: Double-sided glass cleaner

Sizing: Purple - 18-29mm Hollow Double Layer Thick Glass / Green - 15-26mm Hollow Double Layer Glass / Yellow - 8-15mm Single Layer Glass / Blue - 3-8mm Single Layer Glass


(1) X Magentic Window Cleaner

(1) X Magentic Window Cleaner Saftey Rope


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